Glitch Finding

I'm finding glitches in various modern games, with a inclinasion for FPS and platform games. Using the gameplay in a way it wasn't thought, or getting out of boundaries, are challenges I'm addicted to, especially in a speedrunning goal. This passion also helps me in my Level and Game designs : I'm always analyzing and trying to break these. At the end, it helps me improve them a lot, making player experience the best. Above is an video example.

Gameplay Editing

I'm making gameplay / cinematics edits on my free time. Above is one of my works, made using my own movie making mod in Call of Duty - MW2. I recorded everything myself, and then added effects. Video editing is something that I love, it's really interesting to create additional rythm using gameplay footage. Doing this helps me improve a lot on managing rythm and timing in general in my level designs or gameplay tweaks. It's also a great exercise to get better at feedbacks. I edited multiple games, and in multiple styles.